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Success Stories


Our son, Jared, has been attending the Potential Development Program in Youngstown for 3 years. He started when he was 2 years old and was completely non-verbal. Once he began the program it was not long before he began using pictures to communicate. Today, Jared has just turned 5 and is able to say "Daddy" and "Mama" and our hearts just melt. He has a vocabulary of about 25 words on his own and is able to repeat anything we ask. He understands simple commands and is beginning to play appropriately with his little brother and cousins. He also completed potty training at the age of 3.

We cannot express enough gratitude that we have for the Potential Development Program. The dedicated school staff continues to help Jared and all of the students advance. We continue to see improvements in Jared and continue to hope for his bright future.

Brian and Marilyn
Parents of Jared

Kaeli and Kaia

Having several children with speech, social and/or motor delays, I had anticipated that my youngest children, twins, were delayed.  But I never expected to learn that they would be diagnosed with Autism.

My initial reaction was to cry in disbelief.  That was quickly changed to a feeling of hope, knowing tha tthey would attend Potential Development's Preschool.  If it were not for the staff at PDP and knowing from experience the dedication you all put forward, there is no way I could get thru this so easily.

Three of my kids have attended Potential Development in the past and they are true successes.  Ashley is attending Leonard Kirtz, ADrian is a student at YSU and is in the process of becoming a certified waiver provider, and Reyna attend kindergarten at Potential Development's School of Autism and is progressing in ways I never though possible. 

You all are my hope and I look forward to having Kaeli and Kaia at Potential Development.

Shelly - mom of Kaeli, Kaia, Ashley, Adrian and Reyna

What Our Parents are Saying

"When I came to Potential Development, I felt like the heavens opened up and there was a light at the end of the tunnel."
Shari - mom of Isaiah

"As a parent, I cannot do this by myself.  The teachers and staff are critical to my child's life and it is invaluable when you see tha tthe teachers love your child as much as you do."
Kristin - mom of Joe

"Our ultimate goal is to teach my child to function in our world, but until then we have to learn to live in his world and the staff of Potential Development understand this."
Lisa - mom of Mikey

Success Stories  
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