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Potential Development Program


Specialized Preschool Program
209 W. Woodland Ave.
Youngstown, OH  44502

Phone: (330) 746-7641
Fax: (330)746-4008

The Specialized Preschool Program is housed at 209 W. Woodland Ave., Youngstown, OH along with the Administrative offices.  The site is located between Market St. and Oakhill Ave. just off downtown Youngstown.  The site has four classrooms, an indoor play area, small kitchen, teacher resource room and outdoor play area.

  Specialized Preschool Program   Specialized Preschool Program Classroom  


School of Autism
880 E. Indianola Ave.
Youngstown, OH  44502

Phone: (330) 788-0588
Fax: (330) 788-7766

The School of Autism is a 17,000 square foot facility just east of the old Woodside Hospital.  The facility houses eight classrooms, a cafeteria, an indoor play area, three treatment rooms, a group room, a parent resource room and a teacher resource room.  Easily accessible from State Route 680 from both the South Ave. and Midlothian exits.

  School of Autism   School of Autism Classroom  


Brighter Futures Autism Academy
2405 Market St.
Youngstown, OH 44503

Phone: (234) 855-1278
Fax: (234) 855-1283

The Brighter Futures Autism Academy is a 30,000 sq ft. high school for children with autism.  The building has 8 classrooms with interactive projectors in each room, a model apartment to teach life skills, a fine arts learning center, state-of-the-art science lab, group room for multi-class learning, sensory room and outdoor recreational area.  

PD’s Place
885 Howland-Wilson Rd.
Warren, OH  44484

Phone: (330) 856-2107
Fax: (330) 856-2107

PD’s Place is a satellite program located within The Children’s Rehabilitation Center.  CRC is located on the corner of Howland-Wilson Rd. and Squires Ave.  Landmarks include Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital and Howland Middle School.

  PD’s Place Classroom      


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