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Potential Development Program

Challenging Behaviors

The Potential Development Program PDP provides a developmentally appropriate program for young children who are experiencing problems with behavior.  Comprehensive behavior management addresses each child’s individual needs.

It is not uncommon for young children to misbehave. However, if a child's behavior is consistently interfering with his or her ability to get along with others at school or at home, help is available.

The staff at Potential Development Program can provide intervention for children who are exhibiting behavior that is:

Aggressive Antisocial Disruptive
Attention seeking   Destructive

Undesirable behavior can easily occur if expectations or environment are not appropriate for the developmental age of the child. The staff at Potential Development Program provides individualized services to address each child's behavioral needs. The ultimate goal is to provide each child with the ability to control his or her own behavior. A combination of the following techniques may be used:

Positive reinforcement Redirection Tangible rewards
Prevention Special time Visual cues Personal schedule

When applicable, the staff will make recommendations for building on the child’s strengths and for helping the child in problem areas.  Parents and caregivers are welcomed participants in all planning and goal setting.

Challenging Behaviors  
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