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Potential Development Program

Autism & Related Communication Disorders

Program Description

Through the implementation of TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children), the agency provides services for children with autism spectrum disorder.  The program goal is to maximize adaptation for each child by improving the child’s skills for living and structuring the environment to accommodate specific deficits.


Upon entering the preschool program, each child is assessed and the curriculum is determined according to each child’s needs.

The curriculum at the School of Autism is adapted to each child’s specific needs and prepares each child to successfully pass their Alternate Assessments as required by the Ohio Department of Education.

Structure of the Classroom

Structured teaching is designed to use the child’s visual and spatial skills to help them overcome their deficits, become more aware of their environment and know what is expected of them.  The physical structure of the classroom provides distinct areas for different activities and the environment is adapted to meet each child’s individual needs.


For children to function as independently as possible without adult prompts, a schedule is followed with consistent routines.  Schedules are individualized for each child and include simple objectives to signify the next activity.

Work Systems

Each child has a space designated as his/her independent work area.  The child learns to come to the area when indicated on his/her individual schedule, get the materials, begin and end the task, put materials away and ask for help when needed.

Autism & Related Communication Disorders  
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